Collins Farm Raised Organic Chickens and Eggs

Free Range Organic Chicken and Eggs

Our chickens are raised the old fashioned way, on green grass with fresh air and sunshine.  From dawn till dusk, our egg laying chickens are free-range, running around the farm eating bugs, grasses and anything else that taste good to them.  Our small flocks of meat birds are free range by day to graze in the fresh growing pasture. Our chicken and eggs are nutritious and full of health benefits… (read more)

custom lamb and sheep slaughtering and processing

Pasture Raised Lamb and Sheep

Raised on our 50 acres, our Katahdin sheep enjoy continuous fresh pasture by our rotational grazing system. We never push our sheep for extra breeding and keep lambs with their mom for 4 months before weened. During spring, summer and fall sheep eat 100% green grass and native broad leaf plants. Antibiotic and hormone free, and when we supplement we use Non-GMO feed…(read more)

Collins Farm fresh and organic vegetables

Fresh Organic Vegetables and Produce

From farm to table, fresh local vegetables have that full flavor and freshness that you need. From amazing fresh celery and the vitamin superstar kale, to culinary peppers and specialty tomatoes, the Collins Farm can grow that fresh vegetable that you have been looking for at home or in your restaurant. All our vegetables are organic and pesticide free, we use our chicken to keep some of the pesty bugs in check… (read more)

Collins Farm – St. Louis Organic Family Small Farm

Our livestock is raised on free range pasture, the way it should be!. The vegetable and fruits are full flavored, organic and pesticide free!

Collins Farm Fresh Herbs locally grown for St. Louis

Amazing Fresh Herbs Grown on our Farm

Add fresh herbs to your culinary creations and your customers will be talking about it! Collins Farm Fresh Herbs are grown on our farm, by us, and cut fresh and delivered within 24 hours. It’s amazing the reaction we get from chefs when we bring in the fresh herbs, from Sweet Mint to Rosemary, every time it’s smelling the bouquet of herbs and the excitement of how they will use it in their next culinary creation… (read more)

custom lamb and sheep slaughtering and processing

Juicy Organic and Wild Native Missouri Berries

Bursting with juice and flavor when you pop them in your mouth, that’s our berries. We grow both domesticated blackberries along with Missouri native blackberries, elderberries and mulberries. Each type of berry can be that perfect addition for that unique recipe or drink mix that you are looking for…(read more)

Collins Farm Raised Quail for eggs, meat or hunting

Quail – Eggs, Meat or Game Bird Hunting

Extremely popular among our customers! Collins Farm Raised Quail provides top quality nutritious quail meat and quail eggs for for the table. Raised in secluded ground flight pens these birds are excellent for game bird hunting as well… (read more)


Making progress on the greenhouse

September 25th, 2016|0 Comments

Getting closer on the greenhouse.  Was able to get all the metal pipe bent and connected in.  Can't wait to get this g under plastic.

Site for new greenhouse

September 5th, 2016|0 Comments

We began laying out the site for a new 18x50' greenhouse.   We have been tilling the soil sice last year getting it ready.  Today we laid out the corner post and set stakes.  

  • St. Louis locally grown sage

Aroma of fresh Sage

August 24th, 2016|0 Comments

All you need to do is brush the leaves and the air is filled with the smell of fresh sage. Usefully in hearty fall cooking, perfect for sausage recipies.

Flowering Garlic Chives

August 24th, 2016|0 Comments

A useful herb in an assortment of dishes, garlic chives provide that subtle but yet flavorful taste.  Perfect time for picking, garlic chives are flowering and at their peak.