Organic Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens are raised the old fashioned way, on green grass in fresh air and sunshine. Our small flocks are moved daily in bottomless pens to graze fresh growing pasture. The pens protect chickens from predators, while allowing advantages of exercise. Fresh growing pasture, exercise and the total absence of anything artificial, help us produce the least stressed, healthiest, best textured and tastiest birds available. On our farm, in Jefferson County Missouri everything is small scale, natural and unhurried. Nothing is ever done to force unnaturally rapid growth. We use no vaccines, no medications, no heavy metals, no steroids, no hormones, no injections of water, tenderizers, etc. We use no artificial lighting, nor do we practice debeaking. Our birds are fed no animal products, thus eliminating any possibility of feeding meat born disease or chemical contamination (from factory birds) to our flocks. Our birds are dressed the old fashioned way, carefully and by hand, rather than by automatic evisceration machinery. Since we do not soak birds in vats containing spilled feces, we do not need to try to cleanse birds with ionizing radiation, chlorine baths, trisodium phosphate or other chemical agents.

Benefits of Free Range and Pasture Fed Chickens and Eggs

Truly Free Range Pastured Eggs

Our eggs are produced by spoiled chickens and we believe that this makes them taste great and also makes them healthier for you. Our chickens roam our property daily to eat insects and grass and are also an integral part of our sustainable management practices as they help fertilize and aerate the our pasture. When chickens are allowed to be in a free roaming environment, this allows them to vary their diet, enjoy fresh air and get the exercise they need to keep them healthy and producing the highest quality eggs. We provide a high quality feed daily as a supplement to their foraging to ensure that they get access to the appropriate vitamins and minerals.

Small natural sized groupings, constant access to fresh, green growing pasture and fresh air and sunshine reduce stress on chickens allowing them to mature naturally. No residue from pesticides, drugs or other chemicals is possible since none are needed or ever used. All this, coupled with exercise and greens in the diet, substantially increase the nutritional value of pasture poultry, particularly in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and in Vitamin A, with a significant reduction of total fat content. Best of all, these chickens have excellent texture and taste. Those who say that anything without much flavor “tastes sort of like chicken” have forgotten what real chicken is like.

Organic chicken
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Chickens in the blackberries

August 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Our chickens love pecking up blackberries from the ground.  Perfect way to get rid of the old fruit, keep bugs at a minimum and give the chickens a healthy diet.